The wrong kind of ping

The school year is finally over, but the question everyone wants answering is… did parents withdraw their children early because of the risk of getting the wrong kind of “ping” at the end of term? Luckily, thanks to you, Parent Ping (the right kind of ping) has the answer and we saw it appear in The Guardian, The Times, and The Daily Mail.

Aaand…  whilst the majority of you were not doing this, around 20% were not ruling it out.

Also in Covid news…

On “Freedom Day” we checked how clear you feel the rules are. We’ve asked these two questions each time the rules have changed, but this week reveals the most dramatic results. The proportion of you feeling ‘very clear’ halved since we last asked, and the proportion feeling ‘very concerned’ about restriction easing is at its highest point.

Life skills

This week we discovered…

By age 7 a third of children can find a book in a library

By age 11 two-thirds of children can find a book in a library and half can hammer a nail

By age 14 a quarter of children can iron a shirt and half can use the washing machine

By age 16 three-quarters of children can make scrambled eggs and two-thirds can read a map


By age 18 fewer than half of children can sew on a button and fewer than a third can use a fire extinguisher

And when we compare boys and girls we spotted…

More boys than girls can…

🔨 Hammer a nail

🗺️ Read a map

And more girls than boys can…

🧵 Sew on a button

🍳 Make scrambled eggs

🧼 Use the washing machine

👔 Iron a shirt 

And what about YOU? Whilst you can do just about all the things on our (admittedly whimsical) list, we spotted that more while 93% of mums can sew on a button only 74% of dads can.

And also...

🔫 58% of boys have (or had) a toy gun compared to 22% of girls

👨‍👧 7 out of 10 of you think parenting is harder now than when you were growing up

Coming up next week

Next week we begin the Parent Ping ☀️ Summer Survey. Supported by 7 parenting organisations we’re on a mission to understand what parenting looks like in the summer of 2021. You can find out more here. Download the app and set your notifications to PING every day!

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