Survival mode

Reflecting back on week 4 of lockdown, many of you are now in survival mode, especially mums…

This could be related to sleep… The NHS recommend that adults need between 6 and 9 hours sleep, and even though we asked you on a Sunday morning, most of you were at the lower end of that scale (especially mums), and none of you got over 11 hours!

Furthermore, over half of you report that the quality of this sleep is ‘fairly bad’ or ‘very bad’ and lots of you are losing sleep due to worry.


Lots of the questions that we asked during the week last week were for the Big Lockdown-Learning Parent Survey, our new project supported by The Education Endowment Foundation. Sometimes these questions are designed to stand alone, and sometimes the answers will be grouped together to provide a more rounded picture of what is happening during home-learning.

This week we discovered…

Feedback on schoolwork is very different for primary-aged children and secondary-aged children (and actually, lots of secondary parents aren’t sure what feedback their kids are getting). Three-quarters of primary-aged children are getting personalised written feedback, but one in ten are not getting any feedback at all or are not required to submit work to their teachers.

Weekend schoolwork is happening in 22% of households. We thought that this would mainly be the older kids (and 37% of secondary-aged children did weekend schoolwork), but 18% of primary-aged children did schoolwork last weekend too.

Most parents think there’s less learning at home than at school… maybe not the most shocking result you’ll see today, but you might be interested to know that 19% of parents of primary-aged children and 24% of those with secondary-aged kids think the amount of learning is about the same. 8% of parents of younger kids, and 5% with older, think their children are learning more.

Coming up next week

The BIG Lockdown-Learning Parent Survey continues next week with more questions about your experiences of home-school, but we’ll also have questions about other aspects of parenting life (because parenting isn’t just about school!)

Because we want LOADS of parents (and schools) to participate the PRIZES will be continuing with weekly draws. You can see the full Ts&Cs here.

Your answers matter more than ever! Don’t miss a question… Download the app and set your notifications to PING every day!

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