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Family holidays

A third of you have been on holiday in the past week, so we thought we’d take a closer look at family holidays in this week’s blog. But first…

Summer seemed to last forever

Last week was roughly halfway through the school holidays in England, so we checked on how you are doing. On our 5-point scale, only 7% of you wanted to send the kids back already. Whilst most of you preferred to respond with the middle option, around 1 in 5 of said you wish the school holidays could last forever 🥰.

Parents with older children were more likely than those with younger kids to be wishing the summer wouldn’t end, mums much more so than dads!   

What type of holiday are you having?

We know that many of you were planning a break in the UK this summer, but what exactly does that look like?

Nearly half of you are having a holiday in self-catered accommodation this summer, and around a quarter are camping or caravanning.

Hotel holidays seem particularly popular amongst parents in Yorkshire and the Humber, whilst parents in the Southwest are least likely to be self-catering. Parents in London are most likely to be heading off on one of the holidays in our list, and a quarter of families from the East Midlands will not be doing any of them.

Unsurprisingly, given the amount of STUFF you need to take on a self-catered family holiday, most of you (84%) will be going by car. However, we are impressed by the intrepid 16% who are using other modes of transport including 7% 🚂, 4% 🚢, 2% ✈️ (within the UK), 1% 🚌, 1% 🚲.

Are the kids going too?

It could be YOU going on holiday without the kids, or it could be the KIDS going on holiday without you… but around 1 in 10 of you told us this has happened in your household this summer.

As you’d expect, this is more common with older kids, 1 in 5 kids over 14 had a different holiday to their parents. There is also a single-parent effect, where 1 in 4 kids are having a different holiday at some point this summer – perhaps with another parent.

And also...

1 in 5 secondary school parents have bought all the school uniform they need for the new school term, but this compares to…

1 in 3 primary parents who’ve finished their uniform shopping!


1 in 10 secondary school parents say they don’t need to buy any uniform at all, compared to…

1 in 17 primary parents.

Coming up next week

Next week, as well as our summer ☀️ survey, we have questions on work-life balance and computer games. Download the app and set your notifications to PING every day!

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