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Looking back on the lockdown term

Half term has allowed us to relax (a bit) and look back on an unprecedented winter term. It wasn’t  easy – there have been tears & many of you moved

Who’s in tears over home-learning?

It’s the end of term for most of you… well done, you survived! In today’s blog we look at how you found the final week of term, what might happen

Survival mode

Reflecting back on week 4 of lockdown, many of you are now in survival mode, especially mums… This could be related to sleep… The NHS recommend that adults need between

4 down, 6 to go…

So, week 4 of the national lockdown is done & dusted… how are you doing? Frankly, it seems like things are tough. We’ve got the full analysis on how home-learning

The Big Lockdown-Learning Parent Survey

Is your child learning at home? What impact is lockdown-learning having on family life? We’re all guessing what’s going on in 8 million homes during lockdowns – but we don’t

Home-school… is it working?

School work is happening in households up and down the country this week – with just 1% of you saying no work has been set at all by your child’s