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5 things we learnt about Corona

It has been the first week back at school for many. We conducted a final check on whether parents are going to be sending their kids back (we first asked

Do parents want face masks in schools?

It can be hard work keeping up with all the education announcements as the government cajoles kids back to school. But regular Parent Pingers will know that cajoling isn’t necessary

Who’s ready to go back to school?

We hate to break it to you / are excited to inform you [delete as appropriate] that it’s nearly time to send the kids back to school (and of course,

Using your imagination…

Education has been in the news A LOT this week as A-level results were published, so we were especially interested to find out whether parents know what’s going on. We

Everybody’s talking about…

This week on Parent Ping, we were talking about talking. Who was communicating with who? And how? 1. Parents communicating First, we asked whether you were communicating with other parents

We’re live!!!

Hurrah! We have our first week of Parent Ping data! Thanks to an amazing 560 parents signing up by Friday, we are able to share some really interesting findings already