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The future of parents’ evening

This week we are channelling our inner Christmas Carol and bringing insights from the ghosts of the past (your first kiss and first drink), the present (your Christmas plans) and

Will school nativity plays move outside?

Today’s blog is jammed full of how kids get to school, uniform ideas, drinks (woo!), digital devices, tutoring, nativity, and of course, Christmas! Here we go… How did you get

Are opinions changing about Covid?

One of the clever things about Parent Ping is because we ask you questions every day, we can easily check on how things are going. For example, our regular check

What’s pink, sparkly and un-washable?

As we entered the second national lockdown, Parent Ping tackled some of the big issues about schools remaining open. We’ve also got a quick look at what you are still

Who’s the sweariest?

Today’s blog is looking at the different responses that mums and dads have been giving on Parent Ping this week… who’s sweariest, whose favourite hymn is Autumn Days and who

Focus: on school closures due to Covid

Parents were massively relieved when the kids went back to school after the summer. Home-schooling had presented significant challenges, not least the difficulty of trying to earn an income alongside