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Should phones be banned in schools?

This week’s blog focuses on behaviour in schools, so tuck your shirt in and sit up straight! But first, lockdown… Lockdown continued easing this week. Non-essential shops opened, along with

Vaccine dilemmas

This week, we have a blog of two halves… The first half is rather serious, looking at covid vaccinations and how covid is affecting school attendance. The second half is

Are secondary school lunches the worst?

Please Sir, can I have some more? Not a question you’ll be asking about lunch in secondary schools, but we hope this week’s blog will leave you wanting more! Our

Healthy body, healthy mind?

This week we have been asking lots of questions about health: physical health, mental health, kids health and your health. So, pop on your sweatbands… let’s look at what you

The end of home learning

Home learning is finished (for most of you) and lots of you are optimistic that you won’t have to do it again (at least this academic year). We know that

The end is in sight!

The end is in sight! It’s the final two weeks of home-learning for most of you. But while one in four parents of secondary-aged children tell us they are rested