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Home-school… is it working?

School work is happening in households up and down the country this week – with just 1% of you saying no work has been set at all by your child’s

2020 changes and challenges

In research-speak, Parent Ping is a longitudinal research project. This means we ask questions over an extended period of time in order to see how family life changes or stays

Our favourite Christmas stats

Our final blog of the year is a fun one… We’ve rounded up our favourite Christmas stats. Ping down to the bottom of the page if you want to see

End of term report

It’s the end of term… the end of our first term at Parent Ping and the end of another odd term because of the virus. The end of term has

Who’s finished Christmas shopping?

We’ve had a busy week asking lots of questions about Christmas, the National Tutoring Programme, outings and, er… smells! But before we get going with all that, let’s start with