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Focus: on school closures due to Covid

Parents were massively relieved when the kids went back to school after the summer. Home-schooling had presented significant challenges, not least the difficulty of trying to earn an income alongside

The great uniform monopoly

This week’s Parent Ping questions were very diverse, so this week’s findings include: screen-time, social media, treats, lying, forest school, Halloween and Christmas! Let’s get started! 1. The great uniform

Focus: on school choice

The nights are drawing in, the conkers are falling off the trees to be hoarded by children and squirrels alike: it must be autumn. But the other important event for

Who wants to be a teacher?

Did you know we’ve been asking three questions a day for over three years? Not on Parent Ping, but over on our sister app Teacher Tapp! So, because they already

How will Covid affect Christmas?

Now we’re firmly into the new school year, let’s look ahead at… how Covid might affect Christmas . In today’s blog we also check up on homework, how you choose

What’s in a name?

“Hello, we’re Parent Ping but you can call us Ping”. Well not really, but you get what we mean… this week’s blog is all about names. Names of teachers, names

You’re having a laugh!

We do try to keep you on your toes with our Parent Ping questions and this week we had a brilliantly eclectic bunch. In today’s blog we revisit Ofsted, we

The good, the bad and the inconvenient

If you listen carefully, you can almost hear the collective sigh of parents as the vast majority of kids return to school. Your reward of hot coffee, lights that remained