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Key Findings

Summer Survey 2021

Following a year of lockdowns, there was a lot of talk about ‘catch up’ for children. Some people wanted kids to catch up on education, some wanted them to catch up on socialising and some just wanted them to catch up on having fun.

The one thing that many of these claims had in common is when this should happen… In the school holidays!

But what do children already do in the school holidays? It turns out that, as a nation, we didn’t know! So Parent Ping found out!

Big Lockdown Learning Survey

From early February until children returned to school in mid-March, Parent Ping investigated home learning. We asked questions every week, checking on how much learning was taking place and how parents felt about it.

We focused on what made parents think home learning was successful, child motivation, and parent coping mechanisms.

We also looked at the main challeneges to sucessful home learning, and the impact these challenges had on families. 

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Parent Ping collected data via a daily survey app between July 2020 and September 2021

How did it work?

Parents downloaded the free Parent Ping app from their app provider.


Each day they were alerted to answer at least 2 questions.


Once answered parents got to see the answers from yesterday. Did other parents agree or disagree?


Finally, parents were rewarded with badges, points and a daily read about some aspect of parenting.  

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