Will parents get their kids vaccinated against Covid?

This week, we asked some really important questions about the Covid vaccine and life after Corona. But of course we also asked our usual eclectic questions about the day-to-day realities of parenting. 

To keep you on your toes, let’s look at those first this week…

Luck - Bedrooms - Christmas

🍀 Mums are a lot more superstitious than dads, with twice as many saying  they don’t break mirrors, open an umbrella indoors, put shoes on the table or tip a salt shaker over just in case it brings bad luck! (Although it’s fair to say there are practical reasons to avoid all these things too!) The same is true of good luck, with twice as many mums picking up a pin / penny, crossing fingers, touching wood, and carrying a lucky charm. The only thing that dads are more superstitious about, is wearing a lucky item of clothing… might this be sports related?!

👊 Whether you are allowed in your child’s bedroom uninvited depends very much on the age of your child. 96% of primary parents are allowed in at any time, but 35% of secondary parents must knock first. As for entering your bedroom, 92% of primary kids are allowed straight in, but 29% of older kids have to knock.

🤶 Our questions about gifts revealed that Santa’s role changes as kids get older. When they are little, he fills his sleigh with a mixture of big gifts and stocking fillers. As children get older, he’s only bringing stocking fillers. And  he still finds space for gifts for grown-ups too… 1 in 5 of you will have a delivery waiting for you from the big man on Christmas day.

Will you get your kids vaccinated against Covid?

When news about successful Covid vaccine trials broke last week, we were keen to find out how many of you would have the vaccine, and when. In line with other polls, we found that while most of you are enthusiastic, around a quarter would prefer to wait a few more months to check for side effects. 

BUT, Parent Ping goes where other polls can’t reach 🦸 so we asked you about your kids too…

On this matter, you were far more reserved! Maybe you are less likely to want your children to have the vaccine straight way because children are less affected by the virus in the first place.

There was also a big difference between mums and dads…

Only half of mums would let their kids have the vaccine as soon as it was offered, and a third would have reservations about having it themselves. Dads are less reluctant, but still a quarter would want their kids to wait a few months first. 

Life after Corona

With the end in sight, what will you miss about life under lockdown? Most of you said that you’d miss some things when lockdown and social restrictions end, but a small proportion of parents in their 40s were notable for saying they’d miss a great deal. Maybe this is because their kids are a bit older? We’ve seen throughout that lockdown is particularly tough if you have a pre-schooler, and home-schooling primary aged children is more difficult than teens. Could it be that it’s also nice not to have to commute so much and therefore get to see your children more?!

Coming up next week

Next week we have some great questions planned. Pingers have suggested questions about fizzy drinks and about racism, and we’ve also got more questions about Christmas!

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