Who’s bearing the brunt of home-learning?

We know that a lot of home-learning is going on this lockdown. But who is supervising it and how long is it taking? We delve into the details in this week’s blog and also take a quick peek at some of the other impacts home-learning is having on family life.

Who’s supervising?

Mums are a lot more likely than dads to be supervising home-learning. We asked about what happened at home last Tuesday and found on that day 37% of mums supervised learning, compared to 16% of dads. 

Of course, not all home-learning needs supervising… 40% of secondary parents said no one supervised (compared to just 2% of primary parents).

Of the parents that were supervising primary-aged children’s home-learning, half spent up to three hours on the task (most supervising secondary parents spent less than an hour doing it).

So how does this make you feel?

Whilst secondary parent’s positivity about home-learning continues and now is at the highest point since schools closed, primary parents are not feeling so positive. After an initial wobble in week 1, they felt happier at the start of week 2 but by week 3 there was a small drop off… one to watch in weeks to come.

The charts below show parent feelings on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is “I can’t do it at all” and 10 is “certain I can do it”.

Finding time alongside other commitments is still the biggest issue and affects half of you. There is also a worrying increase in the number of you reporting that home-schooling is having a negative impact on the relationship with their children. In week 1, 25% of you identified this as a challenge, in week 2 this rose to 30%. And this seems to be affecting mums more (as the main adult supervising learning?) where the increase was from 22% in week 1 to 32% in week 2.

On the plus side, most of you reported that your kids were well motivated to learn last week. You rated 58% of primary kids and 65% of secondary kids at least 8 out of ten (where ten was ‘Did all the set work and sought out extra things to learn’). 10% in each age group were rated 10/10!

And how are the kids feeling?

You told us that a massive 74% of primary kids didn’t see a friend last Saturday. The figure for secondary aged kids is much lower thanks to 59% socialising online (and 8% in person). This includes 68% of kids in single-child households, meaning that for these children they didn’t even see another child that day.

And also… (because parenting isn’t just about home-school!)

🥃 Most of you are ‘glass half full people’! Slightly more dads than mums, and more secondary parents than primary

🏃‍♀️ Of those of you with a New Years resolution half are still on track, 29% are having a little pause and the rest have given up already!

🍚 Although half of you aren’t doing any different activities during lockdown, of those that are a quarter are doing Zoom quizzes (or similar) and 20% are doing baking / cooking. Is this different for mums and dads? In this instance… no not really! 

Coming up next week

We have more questions on home-learning, we hope this is ok with you? It’s important that we keep asking these questions so that we can see how responses change (or not) over time.

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