Who tells more white lies: mums or dads?

We’re always looking to spread the Parent Ping message, and this week we’re asking for YOUR HELP to do it! 

We keep a close eye on who is joining in with Parent Ping and one thing we’ve noticed over recent weeks is we don’t have as many dads as mums 😢

With Father’s Day coming up later this month we’re keen to get more dads on board, so with that in mind we are focusing on dads in this week’s results round up.

Please share Parent Ping with a dad today! This link will take them straight to their app store:

And don’t just take our word for it… Top dad blogger John Adams wrote this week:

Parent Ping already has the ear of policy makers in Government. It’s a superb and simple way for dads to have their voices heard.

And in case you’re worrying, it doesn’t affect our data if more than one parent in a household uses Parent Ping, in fact we’d love it if ALL the parents in the household joined in… the more the merrier!

Now on with the results…

Mums lie more than dads

Last weekend we checked on what ‘white lies’ you tell your children. And once we’d got over the argument in Parent Ping Towers about whether any of these were actually true (?!) we noticed that on every single one, mums say them more than dads!  

But maybe it’s not mums’ fault… we also checked on what white lies you were told by your parents, and it turns out mums were on the receiving end more often too (e.g. 76% of mums were told that carrots help you see in the dark, compared to 68% of dads)!

Dads hug less than mums

It may not surprise you to find out, that dads hug less than mums. Hugging (outside your family / bubble) had only been permitted for 2 weeks when we asked if you’d had a cuddle yet. 38% of dads had got a hug in that time (including 1% who had hugged a stranger!) compared to 52% of mums.

Dads love the daily chatter but hate the clutter

54% of dads think the kids will leave home before they’re 20 compared to only 44% of mums. But what will you miss the most when the little ones fly the nest? The thing dads will miss most is the daily chatter, whereas for mums it’s simply knowing the kids are safe and well.

Of course, there are things you won’t miss too! For mums, the top of this list is the arguing, and for dads it’s the clutter.

(A special thank you goes to the members of the Parent Ping Facebook Group who helped us come up with the response options on this question. If you’d like to get involved in future, you can join here.)

Coming up next week

We’re back at school next week, so expect more questions about education. Also, with fathers’ day just around the corner we’ll be asking dads what they want (and what they think they’ll get) for fathers’ day… so don’t forget to get the dads pinging!

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