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Who reads the school newsletter? Who has a library card? Who wants to stay at home?

💙💙 This week, we had one of our favourite ever findings on Parent Ping! We asked you to pick a famous motto to describe your family, and the most popular response was Ask – Answer – Learn. Why do we love this finding? Because Ask – Answer – Learn is the Parent Ping motto, and we love that you love it! But enough about us… over to you! 💙💙

Who reads the school newsletter?

One way that schools regularly send out information is in a newsletter. 93% of you told us you receive a newsletter from primary schools and 77% get them from secondary. 

Do you read them?! YES, 7 out of 10 of you read the ones from primary schools and 6 out of 10 read the ones from secondary EVERY WEEK!

BUT, there’s a bit of a difference between mums and dads. Where 56% of mums read them every week, only 38% of dads read them this regularly. 

So, what’s in these newsletters that you are so avidly reading? You told us that most newsletters contain school news, a message from the head and dates for your diary. For parents with children in primary school, just under half of you are also told about what your child’s learning.

But is this what you want?

In primary, you concur that school news is important to you, but you’d like to hear a little more about what children are learning and dates for your diary, and a little less from the headteacher.

In secondary, you just wanted more of everything! Again, more information about what children are learning and dates for your diary seem especially popular compared to what is currently on offer.

Who has a library card?

72% of kids have library cards and 70% of parents say that their children read for pleasure (although both drop off slightly as the kids get older). More girls read for pleasure than boys (78% vs 65%), but this makes little difference when it comes to library membership. What does make a difference to the likelihood of having a library card is where you live in the country… a third more children have library cards in the South West compared to the North West.

Who wants to stay at home?

Remember the other week when we asked about stay at home parenting? We forgot to ask if you had completely free choice (i.e. no financial barriers) would you actually want to be a stay at home parent? Over half of you said you’d definitely or possibly like to do this… but who was more enthusiastic, mums or dads?

IT’S DADS! 59% of dads would like to stay at home compared to 56% of mums.

And also...

Lateral flow 🧪 Half of parents, and three-quarters of secondary school age kids did a lateral flow test last week. BUT no-one did a test at all in 1 in 3 primary households and 1 in 6 secondary households.

Fathers’ day 🛌 Last Sunday was fathers’ day, but does that mean dads got a lie in? Not necessarily! 50% of dads got a lie in on fathers’ day (and so did 47% of mums!)

Parents’ race 🏃 Imagine there’s a parents’ race at sports day, do you participate? YES, shout an enthusiastic 52% of dads. Probably not whisper an unenamoured 63% of mums!

Coming up next week

We’ve got questions about school reports suggested by Pingers, and questions about school choice suggested by our Facebook Group. We will also be asking about bubbles, transition and gardening. So make sure you download the app and set your notifications to PING every day!

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