Vaccine dilemmas

This week, we have a blog of two halves… The first half is rather serious, looking at covid vaccinations and how covid is affecting school attendance. The second half is rather fun, looking at parent superpowers and Easter activities. This reflects the questions we’ve been asking on the app… some fun, some serious. We’d love to know what you think of the balance (and if you like it – we’d love you to tell your parent friends about it so they can join in too!)

But first we have NEWS! Parent Ping is holding our first ever webinar! Working together with Tooled Up Education, we are pleased to present a webinar on building positive self esteem in children. Spaces are limited so sign up now!

Part 1 (the serious bit!)

Vaccine dilemmas

Whilst over 50% of you have had the Covid vaccine (pretty much in-line with the national statistics), the question is now being raised about vaccinating children against Covid. This is an interesting ethical issue as children are less affected by the virus and so vaccinating them is less for their own good and more for the good of the general population. So, what do you think?

Overall, around half of you would permit your children to be vaccinated as soon as it were offered. Parents with older children are more willing than parents with younger children, and dads are more willing with mums (with only 1% of dads saying they wouldn’t want their child to ever receive the vaccine – the lowest proportion of any group).


Even though kids weren’t back in school for much of the spring term, 6% of children in primary schools and 9% of children in secondary schools got sent home because their school ‘bubble’ burst (i.e. someone in their class or year had a positive Covid test). However, this is down from 18% of children in primary and 20% of children in secondary schools who’s bubble burst in the term leading up to Christmas.

Part 2 (the fun bit!)

Parent superpowers

There are days when just existing as a parent is a superpower, but we wondered if you could have your powers enhanced what you would choose… The most common response amongst dads was ‘the power to make my kids do what I ask (the first time).’ Whilst for mums most common response was ‘the ability to remove pain.’ Regardless, you are all superheroes to us!

Easter in numbers…

You’re probably over Easter by now and the chocolates are probably all eaten, so we’ve just got a quick roundup of Easter numbers from the past week for you…

2️⃣ in 3️⃣ families did an Easter egg hunt

1️⃣ in 2️⃣ families ate a roast dinner

1️⃣ in 1️⃣0️⃣ parents gave up something for Lent

3️⃣ in 4️⃣ mums would eat a chocolate bunny ears first

3️⃣.5️⃣: the average number of chocolate eggs per child (parents get 0.9)

1️⃣% of parents would keep the Easter Bunny (if forced to chose between the Easter Bunny, Santa & The Tooth Fairy!)

Coming up next week

Next week we’ll be keen to hear your opinion as lockdown restrictions change again and behaviour in schools. Don’t miss a question… Download the app and set your notifications to PING every day!

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