Home-school… is it working?

School work is happening in households up and down the country this week – with just 1% of you saying no work has been set at all by your child’s school. 

The picture is understandably different for primary and secondary kids, so we’ll tell you about them separately.

In the first week of home-school, according to parents of…

Primary-aged kids

Half did 3-4 hours work per day

46% had live lessons (although these aren’t long… half spent an hour or less on live lessons per day)

93% are receiving work via an online learning platform

42% are having video calls with their teacher

Secondary-aged kids

49% did 5 hours work or more per day

75% had live lessons (with 46% having 3-4 hours per day)

88% received work via an online learning platform

80% had video calls with their teacher & a third received work via email.

As in the last national lockdown, the biggest challenge you are facing is finding enough time alongside other commitments, e.g. work.

Home-learning kit

1. Tech

93% of you say you have enough working devices (e.g. laptop) and wifi/data in your household to meet the demands of the school work children are being set (although this is unlikely to be representative of all parents in the country).

Some commentators have suggested that pupils having cameras on during live lessons is an invasion of family privacy… but it turns out that most of you disagree and 1 in 5 of you strongly disagree. There might be other reasons why cameras shouldn’t be on (and we will check on those in the coming weeks) but for now for most of you, privacy isn’t one of them.

2. Other kit
Most of you seem to have a good amount of home-learning kit including paper, scissors and glue. However, just under a fifth are missing a key resource… lined paper.

Other things in life

While home-learning is important, it’s not the only thing on a parent’s plate. This week we also asked about clothing and nagging!

As you would probably guess, parents have far more influence over what their child wears when their child is small, although half still have some influence when their child reaches secondary-school age. Luckily, most parents seem to like how their kids dress… yes, even the ones in secondary school!

Whilst ‘not following instructions’ causes the most disagreements overall, this is particularly skewed by the younger kids. With the older ones, screen time/social media & chores cause the most disagreements. Oh, and a very zen 7% of parents don’t have any disagreements with their kids… we’re not jealous at all!

And while we’re all getting on so well, props to the 19% of you who report not having to nag your child about personal hygiene… the 59% of primary parents who have to remind their kids to brush their teeth will be particularly impressed!

Coming up next week

We have more questions on home-learning, we hope this is ok with you? It’s important that we keep asking these questions so that we can see how responses change (or not) over time.

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