Everything you need to know about the Parent Ping upgrade

Let’s start with a recap…

For years the team at Teacher Tapp, a survey app for teachers, wondered if what is happening in school is reflected at home. For example, teachers say that pupils are given homework – but do parents see it being done? 

During lockdown, this need became even more pressing. 

Thankfully, the charity grant organisation BIG CHANGE saw this huge need and gave the cash to build Parent Ping, an app that pings on parent phones once per day to find out the true picture of what it’s like to be a parent.

Parent Ping launched in July. Since then we’ve had at least 500 users a day and have asked over 500 questions! But that doesn’t mean the job’s done. We want to  make Parent Ping bigger, better and with reward badges!

So, we are ready for an UPGRADE. If you are one of the 500+ Parent Ping Pioneers, thank you for your support, we hope you will love the updated app as much as we do. 

Here’s everything you need to know…

How to upgrade

We will send you an email to let you know that your upgrade is ready. Once you’ve received the email…

1. Upgrade Parent Ping in your app store (it might already have happened automatically)

2. Open the Parent Ping app and select login with email 

3. Immediately hit set a password for your existing account and enter the email address you registered for Parent Ping with (clue: you will have received the upgrade email to this address)

4. Go find the password email you receive from us (it may be in junk/spam, so do check there). Click set password in that email.

5. You will automatically return to Parent Ping where you can enter your password and login!

Hurray! You have the shiny new Parent Ping app. Take a look at your badges (don’t panic if the badges aren’t there straight away, they can take 24 hours to load the first time), answer today’s questions (if you haven’t already done them) or peruse the daily read. 

It’s a good idea to also check your profile to make sure all your details correct.

I haven’t received an update email

If you haven’t received the upgrade email, you can still follow steps 1-5 above. If you prefer, you can email us and we’ll email you back asap to get you going. Alternatively you can go ahead and sign up and we can link your account later.


Don’t worry, you haven’t forgotten your password, there wasn’t a password on the old version of the app! As part of our upgrade, we have introduced this as a new security feature. 

Linking to your old account

If you accidentally create a new account (maybe you used a different email address) then we can link you back to your original account so that you don’t lose out on any badges

Just send us an email or by sending a message via Contact Us in the app menu (top right).


Badges will appear 24 hours after you have upgraded your app. Badges show: 

(1)  how long you’ve been on the app, 

(2) how many questions you’ve answered, and 

(3) how many tips you’ve read. 

You also get badges for the number of days you answer in a row, which we call a streak. In the future, we hope to be able to offer you rewards and incentives via your badges.

The badges have been backdated to the point when you first joined the app, so if you’ve answered 10 or more question sets in a row and you’re a verified user you should have a streak badge. After a streak of 30 days in a row your badge will level up. And it will again at various intervals afterwards. How far will you get?

If you don’t think your badges are correct – or you don’t have any badges at all – it might be that you have accidentally created a new account. But don’t worry, we can link you back to your old account. Just send us an email or by pressing Contact Us in the app menu.

BUT, do give your badges 24 hours to fix themselves after you have reported a problem… it takes time to be this brilliant!


Sometimes things don’t go to plan and Parent Ping doesn’t load or you don’t get a notification. We are constantly tinkering to stop this from happening, but some aspects of notifications are outside of our control. 

The first thing to do is check your phone’s settings, we’ve got some advice on how to do that here: https://parentping.co.uk/are-you-missing-out-on-parent-ping-notifications-dont-worry-we-have-the-solutions/

Please do check that notifications are set up exactly as laid out in the above blog. Sometimes it can look like they are switched on, but if it’s not exact, they may not come through. 

If you’re still having problems, send us a message by email or by pressing Contact Us in the app menu.

Other problems

Got all of the above sorted, but still have problems or questions? We have some more information about the app on our FAQ page, but if in doubt please send us a message by email or by pressing Contact Us in the app menu. We love hearing from you!

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