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The last PING

On Sunday we will send out our last ever Parent PING. Following 14 months of data collection we have taken the difficult decision to close the Parent Ping app. Since

The return to school (and COVID?)

If your kids aren’t back at school already, they will be soon! We’ll be checking how you feel about this next week, but for now we look back on the

Family holidays

A third of you have been on holiday in the past week, so we thought we’d take a closer look at family holidays in this week’s blog. But first… Summer

Exams, Exasperation and Empathy

As we head into the halfway point of the summer holidays, our weekly anxiety tracker suggests most of you are surviving well and 38% have been on holiday in the

What are the children up to?

One of the reasons we’re running the summer ☀️ survey is because lots of people have been saying the kids need to ‘catch up’ this summer (see this campaign from

The wrong kind of ping

The school year is finally over, but the question everyone wants answering is… did parents withdraw their children early because of the risk of getting the wrong kind of “ping”