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Are opinions changing about Covid?

One of the clever things about Parent Ping is because we ask you questions every day, we can easily check on how things are going. For example, our regular check on who’s done their Christmas shopping.

We can also check if opinions are changing, so if some of this week’s questions about Covid felt a bit familiar… that’s because we first asked them back in the summer. Three months on we wanted to see if opinions are changing.

Covid update

Homeschooling ⬇️ Whilst 58% of you think you’ll have to homeschool again this academic year, this has dropped from 72% back in September.

Clarity ⬅️➡️ More of you report being ‘very clear’ on the covid safety measures in place in your school or nursery, however clarity overall has only increased by 2% since September.

Worrying about Covid ⬆️ 58% of you were worried about someone in your family catching Covid back in July, this has now increased to 74%. However, in July this was the biggest worry but now the biggest worry is lack of contact with extended family.

Masks ⬆️ Although handwashing is still the most reassuring Covid safety measure, reducing class sizes and regular Covid testing for adults are also now up there on your wish-list. You can also see a dramatic increase in the number agreeing that adults should wear a mask indoors.


When we asked last week about how you handle ‘naughty’ behaviour, we expected to see some differences depending on child age, but the most common response from everyone  was ‘removal of devices’, followed by sending the offender to their room.  A ‘naughty step’ is employed by around a quarter of parents with a primary-age child, whilst around the same proportion of secondary parents ‘ground’ their kids.   

Nearly all of you with secondary-aged kids think that your children are well behaved, and two-thirds with primary-aged kids think so too. Comparing yourself to others, around half of you said that your kids are better behaved, but few said your kids are less well behaved… you just chose, as the Americans say, to plead the fifth!


On Sunday we asked ‘when asked in a survey, what percentage of people do you think said that all things together, they are very happy or rather happy?’ and then (because we can) we also asked you that very survey question!

We found that most of you – despite bad British weather, despite the pandemic, despite lockdown – are happy. You underestimated how happy other people are too! And who’s happiest of all? It turns out it’s dads, and parents of pre-school kids. The yellow boxes on the chart below show the actual results compared to what you thought they’d be.

And also...

🐶 Over half of you have a pet, of these 10% are new pets who have joined the family since the first lockdown. Lockdown pets are more common in households with a child in primary school (15%) than secondary (3%).

🙉 Those of you with younger kids were asked which parenting task is most tedious… ‘repeatedly asking but no one listening’ was the top response (selected by 1 in 3) but a notable mention also goes to ‘picking up children’s stuff off the floor’ (selected by 1 in 5). 

🤶 Half of you told us that your kids believe in Santa. Of the half that don’t, what age does the magic stop? For most it was between age 8 and 11. There are also an interesting group of you (8%) who are honest with your kids from the off and choose not to share the lie / magic [delete as appropriate] at all.

🎁 4% of you have brought all of your Christmas presents (up from 1% last month) and 60% have bought some items. We’ll keep the checks coming to see who is leaving it till the last minute (or at least until after lockdown).

Coming up next week

Next week, we’ve got questions on what your children call you, school uniform, the Covid vaccine and transport. Don’t miss a question! Download the app and setting your notifications to PING every day!

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