2020 changes and challenges

In research-speak, Parent Ping is a longitudinal research project. This means we ask questions over an extended period of time in order to see how family life changes or stays the same.

Launching Parent Ping during a global pandemic was both good and bad timing. We’ve been able to document a very odd time in family life. Some of the responses (and some of the questions) in 2020 would have been unimaginable under other circumstances – hopefully, we will not need to repeat them too frequently during 2021.

This has been particularly obvious during Christmas and New Year. For example, the number of people sat around the Christmas dinner table dropped drastically in 2020, and only 2% of you went out on New Year’s Eve.

But it’s nice to be reminded that some things have not changed, for example the kids getting up before dawn on Christmas day!

🥱 A quarter of primary-aged children were up before 6am on Christmas day (only 4% were up this early when we asked in September).
🥱 Half of secondary-aged kids were up by 8am (only a quarter are normally up at this time).

It’s also nice to be reminded, that amongst the challenges of 2020, somethings were not so bad. For example, most of you report that you’ve become closer as a family over the past year, particularly those of you with younger children. Interestingly, dads are more likely to report a change than mums. And with hindsight, most of you say you’ve enjoyed spending lockdown with your family (again, especially dads).

So whatever 2021 may hold, remember Parent Ping has got your back! We’ll be here every day asking – but never judging – what parents think, feel and do.

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